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Has your practice become stagnant? Do you feel you’ve reached your peak? Does your team contribute or have they become demotivated? Are you aware of the dynamic changes taking place all around you in clinical dentistry but have not had the resources or the time to attend a high level hands-on program that would help you overcome these challenges? Imagine what a $16,849 scholarship and one-on-one mentorship would do to pull your practice from the doldrums of mundane day to day dentistry.

Over the years the clinical skills of the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum team have changed the lives of thousands of dentists around the world, many of them are your neighbors. We will provide you and your team with an entirely new outlook on dentistry and deliver you the information and practical skills needed to apply it in your practice on Monday morning. Best of all, we will do it in your area. No high cost or lost time due to air travel. You and your entire team along with your patient will be happily accommodated. Our program will deliver steady, significant growth in all areas of your practice. You will be involved in the treatment and diagnosis of up to 10 comprehensive restorative and combination cases in the aesthetic zone, and you will learn many valuable real-world techniques that you may integrate into your practice.

Garrett Caldwell, CEO


Many deserving individuals have come to realize how the high cost of aesthetic restorative dental procedures may prevent them from receiving the benefits that these procedures may offer.  In many cases, for a fraction of the normal professional fees charged, patients may receive these restorative procedures at a reduced fee by participating as a patient in a PAC program. Patients may be selected for the opportunity to have their smile restored through our program facilitation. The licensed doctors attending this high level program may choose to waive a substantial portion of their professional fees. This reduction may be up to a 75% of normal fees charged for these restorative procedures and is at the discretion of the participating practitioner. After your application is processed, you will be scheduled for the opportunity to be prescreened. At that time you will have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered and then you will be sent home. You will have all the time you need to consider your involvement as a patient and the potential for a referral to one or more licensed dentists in our program. All of the patients selected for referral will be required to become a patient of record with the dentist they select. All patients will receive treatment within the state in which they reside.

If you wish to be considered for referral as a patient in one of our programs, please fill out the form below. The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum is a teaching institute. Once selected, we  will refer interested parties to a licensed participating doctor for consultation and pre screening.