Pacific Aesthetic Continuum: Dental Education Leaders

Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO

Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO

I want to take a moment this month and talk to you about our educational partner, The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum.

Founded by whom I consider some of the most talented dentists and leaders in the industry, Dr. Thomas Dudney, Dr. Todd Franklin, Dr. Samir Ayoub, Dr. Jack Griffin, Dr. Michael Miyasaki, and led by CEO Garrett Caldwell, The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum team has literally changed the lives of thousands of dentists around the world, many of them are your neighbors and colleagues. The PAC will provide you and your team with an entirely new outlook on dentistry and deliver you the information and practical skills needed to apply it in your practice on Monday morning. Best of all, you can attend programs in your area.

The PAC provides a series of seminars and hands-on programs both in the United States and abroad. In major cities across the United States, the PAC provides regional study groups designed to develop your skills as a dentist and also regional peer to peer support groups focused on developing PAC members both professionally and clinically. The PAC has created a community where dentists can learn and develop their skills by participating in a series of courses teaching the latest in comprehensive restorative dentistry finished aesthetically. The PAC focuses on day to day challenges including how we do clinical dentistry but also addressing the ever-changing complexities of dental insurance, patient communication and business.

Their team of instructors include some of the most respected dentists and lecturers in the country, each with a passion for teaching and staying at the forefront of the ever evolving field of dentistry. The PAC supports by a wide range of internationally recognized partners and operates the Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group, a dentist’s laboratory.

If you have not had an opportunity to check out what they have to offer including an outstanding and unique scholarship program, I invite you to check out one of their upcoming programs in your area ( I promise, you will not be disappointed. A complete list of their upcoming programs can be found online.

If you have questions about the PAC or would like to send a case to one of our laboratories, please contact the Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group at, Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO at (916) 786-6740, or via e mail

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