Restoring Canines in the Lateral Position

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Dr. Thomas Dudney Congenitally missing lateral incisors is a fairly common condition that may be either unilateral or bilateral and often presents restorative challenges. Some of the treatment options that exist for this clinical situation are: a removable appliance, space opening with bridges (conventional and winged, 3–unit and 2-unit cantilever), spaces opening with [...]

Laboratory News: A Most Valuable Tool in the Laboratory

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Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO With the New Year now well under way, it is my hope that 2016 will be a year of growth, prosperity, and happiness for us all!  I would like to  express my appreciation to all of our Mentor/Instructors, students, PAC members and team at Corr Dental Designs for an [...]

Full Mouth Restoration Course: Real Life Application

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Dr. Kevin Groth I find it remarkable how certain events in life can lead to opportunities that are seemingly unrelated. My introduction to Dr. Robert DiPilla, Detroit PAC Director, and the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum started with a job as a summer swim coach during dental school. Fast-forward two years, the PAC is hands [...]

Learning to Manage the Bite and Restore Amazing Cases Predictably

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By Dr. Michael Miyasaki Corr Dental Designs (part of The Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group) is a fantastic dental laboratory supporting you, their customer, with quality aesthetic dental restorations and education. But you may have noticed that in the past year we have made a push in the PAC curriculum to emphasize the functional [...]