An Interview with Dr. Robert DiPilla

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Dr. Robert DiPilla Dr. Robert DiPilla joined the PAC in 2015 as a Program Director in Detroit, Michigan teaching at the PAC’s Live Patient Hands-on Programs and Over the Shoulder Programs. In the article below he shares a brief history of his practice as well as nuggets of information valuable to today’s modern [...]

Introducing Flat Rate Posterior Restoration Implant Pricing

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Garrett Caldwell, CEO Greetings to all of our valued laboratory clients and PAC members. As I discussed in my January letter to our membership - This year we are dedicated to continuing to develop our people and bolster our capabilities. I gave you my commitment to both build and deliver trust in the [...]

Are You The Marksman You Want To Be?

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Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO I was recently drawn to an article from a gentleman whom I deeply respect, in which he utilized the analogy of an archer training to be more proficient or professional, if you will, at archery. Intrigued by the comparison, I found the analogy to relate very fittingly to the [...]

Not Just Teeth

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Dr. Jack Griffin Sometimes we must look beyond the teeth. We often get so focused on our dental view that occlusion, aesthetics, and preps may prevent us from seeing the person behind the teeth. Don’t underestimate your importance in the overall health of the patient. When we see decay or failed restorations we [...]