Introducing Flat Rate Posterior Restoration Implant Pricing

Garrett Caldwell, CEO

Greetings to all of our valued laboratory clients and PAC members.
As I discussed in my January letter to our membership – This year we are dedicated to continuing to develop our people and bolster our capabilities. I gave you my commitment to both build and deliver trust in the relationships between our clients, members and the Corr team. This year we will continue to evolve our laboratory systems and create a technology based infrastructure coupled within a true artisan based culture.
As part of this plan, we have put a lot of energy into creating a simple predictable system for implant fees. Many of our clients have expressed a need for clarity surrounding implant costs and choices.  We understand there are many different implant systems and restoration options that can cause confusion and uncertainty when your laboratory invoice arrives. We want to clear up the industry’s ambiguity. We have come up with a straight forward, very competitive, flat rate pricing plan that will allow you and your team to quote implant fees to your patients with confidence.

Best Regards,
Garrett Caldwell, PAC CEO

Introducing New Flat Rate Posterior Restoration Implant Pricing

  • Titanium Abutment or Zirconia Abutment
  • Screw
  • Restoration of your choice – PFM, e.max, or Zirconia
  • Pink tissue
  • Analog

**All implant systems are included in this pricing with the exception of Biomet 3i unless transfer coping is included from doctor

Cement Retained Fee:

  • $450.00 Emax or Zirconia or
  • $490.00 PFM Including metal up to $50*
  • Add $50 for Atlantis or Straumann abutments

Screw Retained PFM Fee:

  • $470.00 Including metal up to 50.00*

All Flat Rate Implants are Subject to:

  • Impression coping supplied by doctor with impression
  • Corr laboratory milled abutments only (Zirconia or Titanium)
  • Posterior restorations only

If you have questions about this flat rate pricing or if you would like to send a case, please contact the Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group at, Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO (916) 786-6740, or via email

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