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What is PAC Certified Membership*?

As part of our commitment to provide strategic opportunities to enhance your membership with the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, the PAC has launched a program that encompasses many different aspects to serve you and your dental business. The PAC always opens its doors to everyone in order for you to experience who we are and experience the values of the organization.
Once you have had an opportunity to experience the PAC by visiting one of our Regional Study Groups or visiting with another member, we invite you to continue to receive the valuable benefits of the PAC. All members will be certified and enrolled as PAC Certified Members*. All of our membership will qualify for this program. How you qualify is up to you. If you are not currently a member, we invite you to review the requirements to become a PAC Certified Member*.

Privileges of PAC Certified Membership*
Like you, the PAC has high standards designed with your needs in mind. It offers a suite of carefully selected educational opportunities and service benefits that are simply exceptional. The PAC Certified Membership* provides exclusive access to services and rewards that helps you get the most out of the valuable time you spend on continuing education.

What does PAC Certified Membership* mean to you?
Immediate return on investment! By receiving PAC Certified Member* status, you will have instant access to discounts from partner organizations, discounts on seminars, special considerations on  laboratory services and much more.

Membership to the PAC has its privileges…
How do I become a PAC Certified Member*?
•   Be a current faculty member of the PAC
•   Be a PAC associate currently receiving a year long scholarship from the PAC and/or
•   Be a current non-associate paid member of the PAC

How do I find out more?
The PAC will announce exciting new partnerships for PAC Certified Members* as they become confirmed. Additionally you may contact us at any time with question regarding PAC Certified Membership*. Beginning September 15, 2013, PAC Certified Members* will begin receiving membership cards in the mail.

* PAC Certified Members may be required to undergo a verification process in order to receive PAC Certified Membership privileges which includes meeting and maintaining specified requirements in order to qualify. For more details, contact PAC at